EVERYONE WANTS TO BE HEARD! Did you HEAR me? This is a significant truth of human existence ... If we are heard, or acknowledged, we feel that we are cared about, or important. But in saying that, telling our stories also helps others in the human family to know that they are not alone in their own circumstances or experiences. We are truly ONE human family having similar experiences on our shared home ... HOW WE CHOOSE to react to each situation, defines our experience, AND what we learn.

In consideration of letting others' voices being heard, I had a clear vision of something that would be useful to moms ...

Currently, I am working on a compilation of stories written by mothers that will be included in a book called, "CINDERELLA MOM." When our children are born, we experience a love we never thought possible, and only want to take care of and protect our little charges, helping them to be the best they can be. We often have certain expectations of our little ones, and may expect them to automatically be gifted at cleaning up after themselves, or potty training. But after careful consideration and time given, we realize that we have given birth to little people with their own thoughts, feelings, personalities, and preferences. We can guide them along, but we can't change who they inherently are. And we may find that they alternate from the "I CAN DO IT!" mentality, to a sudden needy zone ... "MOM! I NEED YOU!" It happens that they often 'don't know how' to pick up their coats, shoes, or clothes ... and each of them want you at the same time, and usually when you are on the phone in the middle of an important call ... I know! Suddenly, with the birth of our children, we have turned from Princess to Cinderella, in reverse!

These are the kind of stories - the funny, the sad, the touching, the frustrating, and the happy, that I want to hear about and include in my book. If you have any that you would like to tell, please send them to me and I will do my best to include them. It will be fun, and refreshing! There are two more proposed books after this - "Charming Dads" and "The Gingerbread Pet." Please see "Contact Me" to email.