I have lived in various places throughout British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, U.S.A. I grew up with a background in the outdoors, farming, and riding and training horses. I feel it was this background that gave me the strength and perseverance to pursue my dream. Writing and painting with words that would help or affect people's lives for good is a dream worth fulfilling ... Though, it is not my only dream in life.

I am living a big part of my dream right now. I have a wonderful husband, who I am grateful for every day, four wonderful children with a diverse range of interests and personalities, and parents, grandparents, and siblings whom I am also grateful for everyday. Without these amazing people in my life, and many good friends, my dream of writing and publishing would not be the same, or with the same purpose.

When I was in highschool, I took a variety of courses, not sure of what my future held. They included French, Biology, Algebra, Art, and Photography. Art and Photography were my favourites, and I pursued and received an art scholarship. Unfortunately, I veered off from my love of art for a time in pursuit of money and other interests I thought might bring me fortune. These included Industrial First Aid, Forestry and Mapping, Horse Training, Book Keeping, and Medical Terminology and Transcription. Now, I am creating art with words.

Currently, I am writing Home Magazine articles, hunting and fishing articles, a romance/suspense novel, and a non-fiction compilation of stories called, 'Cinderella Mom'. Please browse the rest of the website to see some samples of what I am working on, and what I have done. Enjoy!!!